• OPzV
    OPzS Series

    Newly developed
    fumed gelled electrolyte


  • Front Terminal

    Mainly utilized of


  • Deep Cycle

    Be designed
    charging sessions



Jiangxi Ostar Power Tech Co., Ltd.(OSTAR POWER) was founded in 2002, which is a leading specialized manufacturer and Exporter for VRLA/SLA batteries(Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable battery, AGM, GEL type) in Jiangxi of China, integrating research, development, manufacturing, distribution into a professional group company, with manufacturing facilities of one hundred and twenty thousand square meters, our products covers fifteen series: General series, Deep cycle series, Solar Battery series, Electric Vehicle series, High Rate series, Long Life series, Front Terminal Series, GEL Battery series, High temperature series, Lead carbon series, OPzV battery series, OPzS battery series, Traction battery series, Motorcycle battery series, Automobile battery series (including 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 10V, 12V, 24V series, 0.5AH~3000AH), more than 400 models, and be utilized in more than 100 countries widely for UPS, Telecommunication, Solar & Wind Power, Electric Vehicles(EV.PV.RV application),Electric power supply, Emergency lighting, Alarm &security systems, Golf car, Forklift, Tractor, Railway systems, Medical equipment, Electric tools and Toys, Motorcycle, Automobile, etc.


  • Communication System
    Many countries such as India, Pakistan, and many African Middle Eastern countries have an average temperature of 30-35 °C during the hot season. Inside the telecom cabinet the temperature is higher and even be over 50 ° C...
  • Energy Storage System
    With the growth of global electricity demand and the rapid development of renewable energy, the safety of power grids is becoming more and more important. Blackouts will have any negative impact on any economy and threaten...
  • Electric Vehicle System
    Solar systems are becoming an important part of our overall energy image. Roof-mounted solar panels can instantly generate energy from the sun's rays. However, some of these energies are not immediately required, and the excess en...
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