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Environment/Health care
Being a responsible and continuable developing manufacturer of VRLA/SLA battery ,in environmental protection and maintenance ecological balance, OSTAR POWER always believes in prevention rather than aftermath cleanups. We engraft environmental consciousness to all the staff in OSTAR POWER, and train our employee with environmental protection knowledge.

OSTAR POWER introduced advanced environmental protection technology and equipment to our VRLA/SLA battery assembling factory and plate factory from Germany continuously. All of engineers and workers in OSTAR POWER’ factory follow the relevant procedures strictly on disposal of sewage, lead dust, acid mist, to reduce energy sources consumption.
OSTAR POWER environmental policy
1. Utilize the energy resources more efficiently, and avoid any waste, When a lead acid battery is spent, it should be reclaimed and returned to a permitted recycler.
2. Ensure compliance with all applicable environment law and local statute about environment protection.
3. Promote environmental consciousness among employee by intensifying training and continuous education.
4. Updating the equipment and improving production technology to prevent pollution and reduce the amount of pollution, and dispose the lead dust, sewage, acid mist and other poisonous or hazardous material properly and scientifically to prevent or reduce the impact to environment or employee’s healthy.
5. Reinforce environment management ,and establish a complete set of effective Environmental Monitoring system in our factories to achieve the vested target from government.
6. Emphasize the importance of environmental protection to our cooperation partner. create and keep a clean ,green and harmonious world self-consciously together through our actual deeds
Health & Safety
Establish a complete set of safety management system and strengthen training and education for safety production and safety operation continuously.
There is safety operation instruction for each step on production line, and clear and obvious mark in all the dangerous place or for hazardous material.
All the employees must wear some security appliance, like cap, glove ,defending glasses, dust mask, exposure suit etc, any staff can not touch lead acid or other poisonous directly, and we use automatic machinery for lead plate packing, plate team welding.
Comply with the local law and rules. Create a safe working condition, and let employee’s accommodation be far from working site, improve treatment and welfare for all the staff. Request all the employees in workshop to receive a microelement inspection annually.
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