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Energy Storage System
With the growth of global electricity demand and the rapid development of renewable energy, the safety of power grids is beco ming more and more important. Blackouts will have any negative impact on any economy and threaten public safety. Energy storage is considered to be a key solution to make the grid more reliable and flexible. It will be stored in power plants to capture wind and solar energy during peak hours and be used evenly or stored at peak loads. In addition to strengthening the production of renewable energy, energy storage will be used to provide specially adapted supporting services such as regulating and balancing energy sources. Storage will be used in the transmission system as a way to mitigate congestion and improve transmission utilization,and provide peak shaving for capital deferral ,as well as other more technical applications such as voltage control and stability enhancement.

OSTAR energy storage technology relies on the long cycle life of 2V OPzV / Deep cycle series batteries and outstanding LiFePO4lithium battery technology to be put into production , advanced battery pack technology and intelligent battery management system technology, can provide from large-scale energy storage system Program (UP to MW) to home energy storage system solutions (tens of kilowatts). OSTAR has completed many successful projects utilizing battery storage solutions from KW to MW at home and abroad, including solar power generation, island generation and home distributed use.
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