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Household Solar System
Solar systems are becoming an important part of our overall energy image. Roof-mounted solar panels can instantly generate energy from the sun's rays. However, some of these energies are not immediately required, and the excess energy can be stored in the battery's memory. The remaining energy can be used in the absence of sunshine. The stored energy can also be used as an emergency backup in the event of a power outage.
Battery life and safety are critical when considering energy storage system solutions. This is why the OSTAR solution has completed our proven and advanced lead cabon technology and solar Power battery in a smart, rugged cabinet to provide you with safe and reliable storage.

Solar power is clean energy,the solution system consists of an equipment through which it can generate electricity with photovoltaic (PV) and wind power by the controller and inverter, energy is stored in the battery, or supply DC or AC power to the user. The use of wind and solar complementary system can make the total output be more stable, improve the stability and reliability of the power supply system. Ensure the power supply situation, and can greatly reduce the battery quantity, reduce investment, allow enterprises to get more economic benefits.

Household system is suitable for remote area without electric power, the islands, frontier stations etc. For the family illumination,watching TV, VCD, refrigerator, listening to the radio and other home appliances.
Application :  160W-3000W  Household  solar  power  generation  system
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