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High Temperature Application
Many countries such as India, Pakistan, and many African, Middle Eastern countries have an average temperature of 30-35 °C during the hot season. Inside the telecom cabinet, the temperature is higher and even be over 50 ° C. You may already know that the ambient temperature increase every 10 ° C, the battery life will be reduced 50%.

Due to the nature and structure of ordinary lead-acid batteries, it can not withstand this environment, which is why telecommunications sites must be equipped with air conditioners.
This will not only increase your capital expenditures and operating costs, spending thousands of dollars per year in maintenance and electricity costs at each site, but also increase energy used and increase your carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions. Reduction of energy consumption and improve ment of energy efficiency is one of the most important keys for every telecom operators.

Considering the above challenge, we developed a range type of battery adapted for these environments,High Temperature Series, High Temperature Battery is developed with advanced AGM valve regulated technology and high purity raw materials, which provide excellent deep cycling capability in high or most extreme temperature and environments. to deliver at least twice the cycle life of normal lead-acid batteries, And help user reduce operating cost substantially. the advanced technology and unique manufacturing methods And be the first choice for increasing power demands in remote telecom sites where high temperature and other hard off-grid hybrid applications. and with 15-18 years design life in float service.
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